David Lamari

Mortgage Broker

About David Lamari

Deeply passionate about broking, David prides himself on long-term client and referral relationships. He is active in creating direct positive impact on bank policy change and has had a few big wins in this area in recent years. He believes a broker’s role is far from being a loans comparison person. Google can do that. He is a facilitator, ensuring every step of the process runs smoothly and that all parties communicate and perform their roles in a timely manner. Many clients come to him as first-time home buyers, he takes a communicative approach, educating them well, and assists them over time in upgrading and investing. He is warm, knowledgeable and genuinely attached to his clients. Starting his working life as a mechanic, he is fascinated by the idea of mechatronics and this is where he’d probably be if he wasn’t a broker at Oxygen.

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