1. Update interiors with paint

A fresh coat of paint is an easy way to re-vamp your home. It is simple and relatively inexpensive if you are willing to do the work. Before you begin, it is important to ensure you have filled any cracks or uneven surfaces in the walls, as well as repaired any old paint that is bubbling or peeling.

We suggest tackling the process slowly, completing one room at a time as to not overwhelm yourself. Of course, always cover the furniture and move it to the centre of the room. Most paints take a few hours to dry, so begin early in the morning, and you’ll have enough time to complete the second coat in the afternoon, allowing it to dry overnight.

When it comes to selecting a shade, consider the mood you wish to recreate. Typically, soft, cool, colours create a calmer, quiet feeling, while strong colours add drama. Also, consider a feature wall, to add a point of difference to your home.

modern interior.3d design concept

2. Refresh flooring

If your carpets are looking a little dull, give the professionals a call to have them cleaned thoroughly. However, if your carpets go well beyond looking just slightly tired, it may be worth having them replaced entirely.

But wait; before you jump into this, check out what lays beneath them. Sometimes you’ll find a hidden gem, perhaps some old wooden floorboards, that simply need a good scrub and polish.

If you are already the owner of floorboards, consider changing up the existing finish for a subtle difference. You could have them glossed up, matte, darkened, lightened, or even painted over with a white wash for a summer-time feel.

Cozy attic nursery interior.

3.  Freshen up entrance

Want to make a good first impression? Revamping the entrance is key to attracting new buyers. It can be as simple as updating the doormat or fixing the entrance area by having the pathway pressure-cleaned and trimming plants. If you have space, it may be nice to add interest with pot-plants of flowers.

And finally, if you want your home to really catch the markets eye, paint the front door in statement colour such as red, blue or simply a darker tone such as charcoal the surrounding walls are a lighter shade.

Entrance porch with blue door and stairs with railings

4. Restyle Bathrooms

Re-stying the bathroom(s) is a great way modernise your home, while also providing a feeling of cleanliness.

If needed, try replacing any ageing fixtures, such the taps, sinks or door handles. When selecting new fixtures, considering changing up any outdated light fittings to match the style.

The great thing about bathrooms is there is room to be a little more playful with the colour schemes. Contemplate adding a brighter feature wall with a fresh coat of paint, or even tiles to add texture.

Bathroom décor such as new towels, scented candles, decorative bottles or even a small wall painting can easily create an inviting, calm atmosphere to this space.

White light bathroom with plants and themes sailor and bath with a great view

5. Makeover your kitchen

Kitchens can build up dirt and grime pretty quickly, so a good clean can go a long way. And again, don’t underestimate the power of paint to lighten up the room, by simply repainting cabinet doors.

Or, if the cabinet doors need replacing or you are looking for more of a change, why not consider opting for glass fronts. Here, you can show off colourful cookbooks, interesting home décor or your best china.

It’s a fantastic idea to add or replace the kitchen splashback, to add visual interest. Colourful or textured tiles are great, or a mirrored splashback to open up by the space by adding an additional source of light reflection.

Kitchen with Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors

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